Tuesday, 25 November 2014


1964. Thirteen year old Innocent Uzoma as Udom ( regent ) Eze Ukwu was the most important person in Oguta. He crowned the King and Iyasere of Oguta and removed their caps when they died. The caps were then deposited on the Agu Nze shrine

The people of Oguta - descendants of Ekenyi and Ameshi- were among the different groups that settled in Ado no Oba ( Idu an Oba) at a time when the territory ruled by the great Benin Obas was disturbed by civil wars. During the conflict between Gbunwala and Asije, the people migrated. The course of their migration exposed them to various experiences as they headed towards Illah on the bank of the Niger in an attempt to find a more healthy settlement. After years of difficult sojourn, they left Illah and moved to Inyi passing through Obocha and Akpanum.
At last they arrived Ogbanyi Iberu otherwise known as Obodo Akpuluekwe.

Some of the migrants detached themselves from others and founded a string of towns in their wake, the main party was replenished by other ethnic groups who joined them at Osse Aomori and other places. In the process the Benin culture of the migrants became mixed with the various other ethnic groups among whom they lived with temporarily. Today certain traditions and words of Benin origin have survived. 

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