Saturday, 26 January 2013


1962- The Advert says "We were surprised to learn that a group of students at Hussey College in Nigeria (without any encouragement from us ) have formed a club called the society of Parker Pen Owners. Its slogan is "Aut calamus optimus aut nihil" (Either the best pen or none.)
Why would they do a thing like that?
Nigerians are hungry for education and literate people are highly respected. By wearing the society's emblem, and a Parker pen, they identify themselves immediately as men of education.
Here in America, where educational is universal, Parker pens are prized for different reasons. Take the remarkable 61 - finest Parker of all.
It fills itself by the magic of capillary action in just ten seconds.
It is virtually leakproof.
Its classic design is a delight to the eye. Its exquisite balance , a pleasure in the hand.
Its 14k solid gold point skims gracefully across a page. It responds to your every "inflection" and gives your handwriting a real "first-person look"
There is no greater compliment you can pay a friend than a giftof this superb pen.
To avoid becoming envious, why not buy one for yourself too? it's worth everycent of the $15 (minimum) it costs.

PARKER - Maker of the worlds most wanted pens".

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